Harold Thomas (Bundoo)

I have been painting the Top End of Australia since the mid 1970’s when I came up here with my young family. After university years in Adelaide, the landscape around my new home gave me an artistic awakening and has set the course for my art for more than 40 years. In 2016 I was honoured to win the NATSIAA award, and my entry “Tribal Abduction” sold immediately. I feel strongly this is the direction my art will take me. Large figurative paintings inspired by Caravaggio and Delacroix.

However, the paintings shown here are my accessible work, all for sale, a celebration of the Top End of Australia. Please see THE ARTIST for a broader story of my journey so far. Every effort is being made to keep this website up to date with AVAILABLE paintings. All originals sold come with a certificate covering authenticity, provenance and valuation.

Harold Thomas – Darwin 2018

Tribal Abduction

Outright winner of Telotra National Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Art Award (NATSIAA) 2016

Aboriginal Contemporary Art Tribal Abduction by Harold Thomas

Tribal Abduction


Myal Creek Masacre

Selected for NATSIAA 2017

Aboriginal Contemporary Art Myall Creek by Harold Thomas

Myall Creek


The Poison Chalice

Submitted to Sir John Sulman Prize, Art Gallery of NSW 2018

Poison Chalice painting by Harold Thomas

Poison Chalice



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