Myal Creek Masacre

Myall Creek
Myall Creek



This painting is a further extension of my continued interest in Australia’s history. Particularly the confronting issues of conflict between Aboriginals and the colonists.

As a figurative artist painting in oils I have placed myself with a challenging exercise;  the crafting of multiple figures in a way that shows the torment and anguish of human bodies.

The subject I chose is an actual account of the massacre of Aboriginal people in NSW. History today knows it as the ‘Myal Creek Massacre’.  It was such a horror of depravity and was reported in the Sydney Monitor November 19th 1838 and I quote:

“….a deed for which we cannot find a parallel for cold-blooded ferocity, even in the history of Cortez and the Mexicans or of Pizarro and Peruvians.”

Selected for NATSIAA 2017