Tribal Abduction

Tribal Abduction
Tribal Abduction



The subject of cultural and tribal genocide has been part of the recent history of Australia. I have especially concentrated on the forced removal by legislative law, of Aboriginal children with mixed parentage.

Paintings on the subject of conflict between black and white people in Australia murmurs deeply in the conscious of us all.

The subject I have painted is about part destruction of an Aboriginal family. As we know, when children are taken, it leads to diabolical consequences of emotion and despair.

As an artist who has studied the universal expression of humanities, I feel that it is obligatory of me to capture an aspect that is close to heart.

As a figurative artist, the human form and emotion is without question the greatest challenge for me to capture.

Outright winner of Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Art Award (NATSIAA) 2016.