Harold Thomas (Bundoo)

I studied fine art at the South Australian School of Art in the 1960’s, graduating with honours in 1971. In those days I spent hundreds of hours at the Art Gallery of SA studying old masters, especially European paintings. I was driven to learn the techniques of creating mood, drama and emotion with paint.

For more than  40 years I painted my new environment; the Top End of Australia.  I had many sell-out exhibitions of water colours, oils and acrylics, this is what I am best known for.

I have decided to go back to my youthful passion: Painting human drama and emotion using observed techniques from early years. In 2016 I was honoured to win the prestigious Aboriginal art prize NATSIAA with my entry ‘Tribal Abduction’. In 2017 my painting ‘Myal Creek Massacre’ was selected for NATSIAA. My most recent is ‘The Poison Chalice,’ about faith and law, a clash of cultures.

Please see THE ARTIST for a broader story of my journey so far. Every effort is being made to keep this website up to date with AVAILABLE paintings. All originals sold come with a certificate covering authenticity, provenance and valuation.

Harold Thomas – Darwin 2019

Tribal Abduction

Tribal Abduction

  TRIBAL ABDUCTION 2016 The subject of cultural and tribal genocide has been part of the recent history of Australia. I have especially concentrated on the forced removal by legislative law, of Aboriginal children with mixed parentage. Paintings on the subject of conflict between black and white people in Australia murmurs deeply in the conscious…
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Myall Creek

Myal Creek Masacre

  MYAL CREEK MASSACRE 2017 This painting is a further extension of my continued interest in Australia’s history. Particularly the confronting issues of conflict between Aboriginals and the colonists. As a figurative artist painting in oils I have placed myself with a challenging exercise;  the crafting of multiple figures in a way that shows the…
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